Exhibition design               2019​​​​​​​
The Y_Desenhar Portugal exhibition is an expo of Portuguese Design based on the conviction that Design schools are existential laboratories and observatories focused on the technology, sociology and aesthetics of Design, which demonstrate the diversity of perspectives and values in Design teaching. 
The invitation sent out to schools to take part in a critical Design exhibition, selecting projects carried out in the previous three years, led to a collection of 142 projects that showcase the ever-increasing variety of Design discussions and concerns. They seem to want to expand to fit knowledge, which leads to the creation of a veritable x-ray of the kind of Design that is taught and fostered in Portugal, as an expression of local consciousness and involvement.​​​​​​​

"In our observation of the radicals of Design we find design that is divided between a particular designer, an intention (to change) and technical means (to represent it). That is why we designed the exhibition as a “Y”, which has three converging lines: the lines of authorship, the programme and the technology; but also, because “Y” identifies the generation celebrated in this biennial."
Francisco Providência​​​​​​​

Porto Design Biennale
Designed at united by by
André Covas, André Duarte, Cristóvão Fernandes, Francisco Seisdedos, Joana Borges,
Liliana Fontoura, Miguel Palmeiro, Pedro Martins, Pedro Sousa, Sofia Silva
Francisco Providência, Joana Quental, Rui Costa
Organised by
Galeria Municipal de Matosinhos
Inês D'Orey, united by

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