André Covas is a multidisciplinary designer and art director working on user interface design, corporate image, editorial and graphic design.
He is the Lead Designer at YGroup Companies and a User Interface Design teacher. ​​​​​​​
He is also a visual artist, working as a duo with Carmo Azeredo, and a musician with both solo and collaborative work.
+351 935 639 028


Selected Competitions,
Awards and Distinctions
Hiiibrand Awards 2018 
NOMAD, Identity Merit Award (Professional Level), China, at united by 

Polytechnic of Viseu
Branding, Public Tender - 1st place,  Viseu , at united by
Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA)
Branding / Public Tender - 1st place,  EGEAC, Lisbon, at united by
BID.18 Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (BID)
NOMAD, Mención Diseño digital (2nd Place), DIMAD, Madrid, at united by
Teatro Micaelense
Branding, Public Tender - 1st place , Ponta Delgada, Açores, at united by
Branding and communication  for the Touristic Region of Ribatejo
Branding,  Public Tender - 1st place, ERT Alentejo, Évora, at united by
Singage dor the city of Cento
Branding and Signage, Public Tender - 1st place, Sindaco di Cento + AIAP, Cento, Italy,  at united by
Braga Media Arts - Unesco Creative City
Branding,  Public Tender - 1st place,  Braga, at United By
Portuguese musuem of the year 2016
MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto, APOM Prize - Associação Portuguesa de Museus, at united by

Selected Exhibitions
Biblioteca na Biblioteca (Library in the Library)
Design, group exhibition, curated by Ricardo Nicolau and Mário Moura
Biblioteca de Serralves, Serralves Museum, Porto, 2019
BID18 - Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño 2018
Design, group exhibition - as a member of United By
Central de diseño, Matadero, Madrid, 2018
Every Square Meter of the Earth
Installation, video and music in collaboration with Carmo Azeredo, solo exhibition
Porto, 2018
Design, group exhibition
Galeria do Sol & Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2017-2018
​​​​​​​The Medium Is Not The Message
Curatorship in collaboration with José Alberto Gomes, design
Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2017
DTT - Desejo Tensão e Transição, Experimenta Design
Design, group exhibition
Casa do Design de Matosinhos, 2016
A Capacidade De Um Objecto-Lugar, Maia Art Biennale
Design, group exhibition
Fórum de Arte da Maia, 2015
Floating Islands
Installation, group exhibition
Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, 2015
Sub-40, Arte e artistas no Porto. Geração pós-25 de Abril
Design, group exhibition
Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2014-2015
Design Experience
Lead Designer at YGroup Companies
2020 - present
Senior Designer at United By
2015 - 2020
Teacher at EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education UX/UI Design Course
2014 - 2019
Art-Director at Expedição Exhibition Programme
2013 - 2015
Mobile Senior Team Manager & Head of Mobile;
UX/UI Designer at Alert Life Sciences Computing, S.A.
2012 - 2015
Art-Director at Semibreve Festival
2011 - present
Graphic and UX/UI designer at Alert Life Sciences Computing, S.A.
2009 - 2012
Freelance Designer
2008 - present
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