Museographic and Exhibition Project for MMIPO, Museu da Misericórdia do Porto, Portugal. 
The MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto is located in the historic centre of Porto, in the Rua das Flores, at the building that used to be the head office of the institution from the mid 16th century up to 2013. 
Over the years, the building suffered a number of interventions, the last of which, was its adaptation for museum facilities. The MMIPO has a double purpose, one is letting people know the history of the Misericórdia do Porto and its institutional purposes, and the other is to divulge its artistic collections, through a set of resources that reflect the memory and the identity of the organization, projecting it into the future. The visit to the Museum is also an opportunity to get to know better the past and the future of this part of town. The museological space includes the Misericórdia Church and the Gallery of Benefactors, an example of the architecture of iron and glass in the city. Built in the sixteenth century, the church received a major intervention in the 18th century with a predominant involvement of Nicolau Nasoni.
Project developed at united by.
Creative direction: Miguel Palmeiro
Display design: Miguel Palmeiro and Pedro Sousa
Graphic design: Miguel Palmeiro, Emídio Cardeira and André Covas
Coordination: Joana Borges
Photography: Costamendes
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