Movement, dynamism, nowness, impact, surprise, are some of the words that may cross the viewer’s mind during an artistic performance. They surely describe the artists working with Heurtebise. It deals with these concepts on a daily basis and it is to this disquietude that Heurtebise provides a structure, an organised representation, some “corporatism”, so to speak.
There are, therefore, two contrasting realities in coexistence or contamination: the artistic content (free, transformative), and corporate structuring (serious, austere). Heurtebise’s image will have to represent the richness of this duality.
It is in the "H" of Heurtebise that we find this structure. It is the graphic representation of the company's foundations, the reinforced concrete frame that will support everything that is to come in any form, in any place and at any time. But Heurtebise is not static, nor should it be its image. The H stretches, grows; it fits a single name or an entire book; it fills a stamp, or an entire façade, keeping its structure, its proportion. The H is the matrix, but not the content; it is transparent, but essential, as will Heurtebise be for its artists.​​​​​​​

Design: Inês Covas and André Covas
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